BDSM stands for Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism and Masochism.

Simply put, it is about the erotic pleasure of pain and power in a sex game. If you have never tried anything BDSM or want to take it a step further, you have come to the right place.

Are you ready for it?

Constructions, sex furniture & articles

We make long-held wishes and ideas come true

In our webshop, you can easily and discreetly choose from a wide range of sex toys and tools for him and her. Besides these articles, we are specialists in designing, making and, if desired, assembling on location various BDSM constructions and sex furniture.

In our indoor showroom are at least 10 BDSM constructions where you can look around at your leisure.



Sex furniture

Some positions are just hard to do without making your arms or legs sour. A sex furniture can help you with this.

We have a wide range of custom-made sex furniture. With it, you can take your love and sex life to unprecedented heights.

Furthermore, all SM furniture can be designed and produced according to your wishes and, if desired, installed on location. The specialists of BDSMatHome are there for you.


Sex articles

Sex articles have to meet the highest demands. First of all, they have to be safe to use and they have to be able to withstand pressure and weight. That is why you will only find SM products of excellent quality in our webshop. This not only guarantees a long life, but also ultimate pleasure.

Whether you are looking for sheets of lacquer or latex or SM-toys like pinwheels and cock lockers. You can find it all in our webshop. Of course we ensure a fast and discrete shipping.


Dolls & Constructions

You do not have to feel alone and lonely. Our lifelike dolls are entirely at your disposal and for hire. They will gladly play the leading part in your role-plays.

The skin of the dolls is made of high quality TPE material, which feels lifelike. They have a titanium frame with 36 hinges, which allows the dolls to assume all positions.

In addition, you can rent a wide range of sex furniture. With this, you can bring your love and sex life to unprecedented heights.

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