Our lifelike Dolls are completely at your disposal and can be hired or bought. They like to play the leading part in your role-plays.

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Doll rental at BDSM at HOME

We make long-held wishes and ideas come true

You don't have to feel alone and lonely.
Our lifelike dolls are entirely at your disposal and can be hired and For sale.

The skin of the dolls is made of high quality TPE material, which feels lifelike. They have a titanium frame with 36 hinges, which allows the dolls to assume all positions.

Our lifelike dolls are always treated hygienically by us.


- Our Dolls are always in top condition for you. We can guarantee this because we clean our dolls thoroughly after every appointment with special hygienic soap, sterile water and disinfecting alcohol.

- Our Dolls are made of TPE. TPE is a soft and elastic material. Because of this, the dolls feel lifelike. This high quality and durable material ensures that our Dolls are hygienically clean.

- Our Dolls are safe to use and have been proven to be of great benefit and importance to your overall mental and physical well-being.

- Our Dolls have been inspected and are maintained according to the rules of the GGD, which are in the interest of public health. We and you must adhere to these rules.

- Our Dolls come with general conditions and a leaflet. You are expected to adhere to these for your own and everyone else's benefit. But above all because our Dolls want to keep their divine beauty and be of service to you for a long time to come.

- Our rental Dolls are equipped with a removable vagina which the customer can keep or it will be removed so that every new customer can assume extremely hygienic Dolls.


- One hour € 65.00
- Four hours € 180.00
- Twelve hours € 300.00

You can book here by clicking on the "Book" button.

After booking, we will contact you to arrange a time for pick-up/delivery.

Payment is made in advance. This can be done via invoice, cash or pin.

We require a deposit of €150 regardless of how long the rental period is. The deposit will be returned to you as soon as we receive the doll back in good condition.

Delivery and collection

The dolls can be delivered to your location (discreetly, by Moleck Furniture cars). You can also pick them up at our office in Rhoon (near Rotterdam).


Koperhoek 64 b - Unit 29
3162 LA Rhoon


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